The Benefits Of Choosing All-Natural Lice Treatments

Seeing your kids play under the sun, with big smiles on their faces, is one of the most heartwarming feelings that a parent could ever experience. Knowing your children are happy and healthy makes parents proud and happy. But if small things – literally, small things – get into their heads and scalps, then that’s a different story and a matter to deal with promptly. Dealing with tiny, little creatures like head lice, which crawl around kids’ scalps and bite, is not something any parent looks forward to, but sometimes must face..

Not all “small things” are celebrated 

Having head lice as a problem may be inevitable especially if you are a parent of a child who is in their primary level. This is the stage for kids to have fun and enjoy playing outside the house, even if the sun is bright and shining and the heat is directly kissing their skin and scalps, which results in having inevitable head lice.

These head lice are small creatures, or insects to be specific, which are leeching off blood from the scalp of their host, which is usually scalps and heads of young people and children. These head lice are contagious by passing the head lice from the scalp of a person towards the scalp of another person.

When a person has head lice, that person usually feels itchiness on their scalp and head, causing them to countlessly scratch their heads and scalps from time to time to relieve the itchy feeling. In some cases, some scalps tend to get tiny wounds or cuts because of the unconscious scratching movements.

All-natural is beneficial

Most of the time, these head lice are treated with the help of ointments or shampoos with chemical nutrients and ingredients to drive the head lice away from the scalp. But some parents choose to resort to all-natural lice treatments to be able to eradicate these head lice that are bothering the scalp of their kids.

These natural ways of treating head lice are beneficial because children who are in their primary age and level tend to have much sensitive skin compared to adult skin. Hence, it is a smart choice and decision if you are a parent who chose to resort to all-natural lice treatments to shoo away these tiny creatures on your child’s scalp.

Some all-natural ways of treating head lice include using garlic, oil with tea tree, and a nit or lice comb.

  • The use of garlic as a natural treatment is beneficial to the skin of children because of its properties containing anti-bacterial. To be able to use this on your child’s scalp and eradicate headlice, start by peeling a garlic bulb and then crushing it while mixing with an amount of lime juice or olive oil until you achieve the paste texture of it. When you have achieved it already, start applying it to your child’s scalp especially on parts where head lice tend to gather.
  • You can also use tea tree oil as it disinfects the scalp naturally, plus the smell will not be that strong compared to when you use a crushed garlic bulb.
  • The most convenient all-natural way of treating head lice is using a nit or lice comb which catches even the tiniest lice eggs when you brush and comb it on your child’s head.

Choosing the all-natural way is beneficial for it guarantees the safety of your child’s sensitiveness of their scalp and skin as young people.